Dictionary Meanings of 'Shonks' and 'Shysters'.

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Dictionary Meanings of 'Shonks' and 'Shysters'.

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Dictionary Meanings of 'Shonks' and 'Shysters'.
These are Australian colloquialisms. Might I say, firstly, that I use idioms and colloquial speech very seldom This is because I have studied a number of languages and had to translate between them. It is very difficult for me to understand colloquial expressions in foreign languages when I have translated them into English. Over my time I have often written and spoken in English to people who have English as a Second Language. I am better understood if I use no idioms or colloquialisms. The purpose of my speaking or writing is to be understood.

I quote from the Macquarie Dictionary, published by The Macquarie Library Pty Ltd., The Macquarie Dictionary, Macquarie University, New South Wales 2109, Australia. It is called, "The National Dictionary". It is referenced as the first "Australian Dictionary".

"Shonks" can be understood as the noun reference to persons who are "shonky". The Macquarie Dictionary gives the following:

'shonky' / adj. Colloq. 1. of dubious integrity or honesty. 2.mechanically unreliable.

'shyster' n. 1. one who gets along by petty, sharp practices. 2. a lawyer who uses unprofessional or questionable methods. [apparently alteration of Scheuster, an unscrupulous 19th C New York lawyer; perhaps influenced by G (for German) Scheisser, from scheissen SHIT]

The Colloquial phrase of "Shonks and Shysters" is known in Australia. If you do a Google search of "Shonks and Shysters" in Quotes, you will find the majority are related to my sites, but you will see a few others where this is an understood phrase, in Australia. It is also seen that the phrase has been used in the Australian Parliament, and is recorded in the official Hansard.

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