See why iWebFusion's the BEST EVER WebHost ANYWHERE GLOBALLY

Well, I am not happy with the treatment that has been dealt to me over my life time. Thankfully, I am very smart. I think most people who have been mis-treated as I end up in prison. The parasites in the police force, are so readily caught by this 'flytrap'. Those gutless parasite police like Image
Henri Elias Rantala target such people.

Other gutless parasite pigs targeted me in the 1980's in Townsville when I was the Accountant Tax-Agent principal of of Image in Townsvillle. They tried targeting me. Of course, they were alerted to me by the corrupt 'solicitor' [soon to be struck off for good] mate of the corrupt police, Terence Joseph Mellifont. He perjured himself to the Fitzgerald Inquiry to protect his corrupt police 'mates'; see Mellifont v Attorney-General (Qld) [1991] HCA 53; (1991) 173 CLR 289 (12 December 1991) HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

Wouldn't it have been useful to me if I could have been warned of the likes of Mellifont and Spender? What could be a presage to that criminal conduct"? What 'taught' them to be that way? Maybe it was their PARENTS. Similarily, the offstpring of criminals [especially those who have escaped being brought to account - like Mellifont [See also Terence Joseph Mellifont. In the last paragraph on page 3 of this article, where I use the pseudonym of 'Haig' to refer to myself, I set out how Mellifont defrauded me in 1974.] and Jeffrey Ernest John Spender] are likely to be influenced into following a criminal life, especially when the criminal parents have escaped being brought to account - like Mellifont and Spender. Associates and spouses of such are likely to be 'tarred with the same brush'. Isn't if fortunate that Mellifont had a few kids? Hey Terry and Jeff, you were real smart back in 1974 to defraud and cheat me like that, weren't you? You didn't know about the Internet then, did you? It will improve, too. It is growing exponentially. [You would know what 'exponentially' means hey Jeff?] What's there, stays there [so many copies are kept around the world]. The Internet is the NEW FRONTIER.

See why iWebFusion's the BEST EVER WebHost ANYWHERE GLOBALLY

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Australian police tried to have our webhost, iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host, take down some of our websites with this Email of Corrupt Police, with my additional comments and links. In 2006 Australian police had tried to have an Australian Web-Host, take down our then site. We will now avoid that Australian Web-Host like the plague.

We have learnt from personal experience. It is very difficult to find a good web-host, but we know some to avoid and one particular WEB HOST to avoid. iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host is one we recommend because we KNOW they are EXCELLENT: EXCELLENT DISK SPACE, EXCELLENT BANDWIDTH & EXCELLENT PRICE making TOP VALUE. That was the reason we signed with iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host up in the first place. Now they have us for all times, because of their excellent service of chasing down our errors, [each our fault, as we have some pretty complex php programs running], and because, THEY TOLD THE AUSTRALIAN POLICE WHERE TO GO. [Anyway, the Australian police were acting ultra vires [beyond power - legal term.] Our first webhost was happy to help the police corruption.. YOU CAN TRUST this recommendation, because there is EVIDENCE THAT iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host, IS THE BEST. You owe it to yourself, to check them out.

We have a philosophy and policy of helping those who help us, and in fact going out of our way to help those who help us. We find this is good policy because when other people see this, they too are inclined to help us.

Also, there are many parasites in this world. We have found that the Internet is an ideal niche where we can 'reward' those who try to harm us. Since there are so many evil parasites, we have many parasites in our sights. There are so many more parasites than good people in this world. We do not want to be viewed as attacking everyone. Hence, whenever a good person or group appears, because there are comparatively so few, we cannot avoid rewarding good effort. Hence, we wish to reward iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host.

Because iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host have been so good to us, we want to thank them, by recommending them to other Internet uses who want to have their own website. The main thing you want when you have a website is to be available on the internet, FULL TIME. iWebFusion, World's BEST Web-Host have their data centre in Los Angeles, California, right on the world's major internet trunk route, meaning the quickest access, anywhere on the globe.

We also wish to reward YOU for viewing our website, and so can advise you on all theFREE SOFTWARE YOU NEED TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN WEBSITE, including a FREE BONUS to make you new website really look so professional. Check it out.


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