Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder.

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Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder.

Postby russellm » Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:04 am

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PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc
Colin J Strofield [Corrupt magistrate ex Police Solicitor] /.
Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Magistrate since 10 October, 1994
Henri Elias Rantala, another perjuring pig
check this dummy's photo /.
Monica Antony, another perjuring piglet
[check her photo -more like PIGlet or BIGlet /.

rspca FRAUD & CRIME masquerading as charity

FORUM for naming +more of Australian Fraudsters .
Fiona Ferguson, DPI's Corrupt Rubber Stamp for Corrupt rspca CRIMES

Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder .
Tracey Jackson, rspca CRIMINAL & DUMB FRAUDSTER .
Shane Towers-Hammond rspca perjurer & FRAUDSTER
Douglas Porter, Registrar, 'til 28 January, 2009 of The University of Queensland [how did this bully find his way in here] .

Queensland Government's Dept of Primary Industries&Fisheries
Queensland's Canine Control Council
Poodle Club of Qld Inc.

Pedigree Poodle Breeders: BEWARE FALSE & BOGUS 'Pedigree' Certificates

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Re: Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder.

Postby robertrogers » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:19 pm

SUE GRAHAM – Sue is the name she calls herself and Graham is the name of the old sucker who shes shacked up with. She owns and controls him while she sluts about town with the rich and powerful - especially the Inspectors of RSPCA who gives her free standard poodles. Sue Graham breeds genetically diseased standard poodles in the name of SEGRAM and GRANDSLAM.

She has been an animal rescue officer and gets to keep all the valuable standard poodles she wants. She has made a fortune selling these dogs and breeding from them. She had managed to sell 300 standard poodle pups cheaply for from $150 - $300 each. Others she has registered as having been bread from her own pedigree Standard Poodles. These she has sold for from $1800 to $8000 each. Canine Control Council (Qld) have happily registered these dogs for her knowing she is cheating. Ross Dawson gave the save the poodle fund a $5000.00 cheque in the name of Sue Graham and never received a receipt. Sue Graham has managed many functions raising money with the Poodle Club of Queensland and the RSPCA and about the only thing that happens with the money is big parties with lots of free alcohol for her mates.

The RSPCA allow Sue Graham to keep her dogs locked up in metal sheds where in summer the temperature exceeds 40 degrees C and Sue graham has had dogs dying from heat exhaustion and the RSPCA let her do this because of her dealings and money Sue graham makes for one of her boy friends in the RSPCA. Sue graham gives him enough sex and cash to keep him quiet and controlled.

Sue Graham’s real dogs have been so inbred that they are full of genetic diseases. They have hip problems, get lots of bad cancers at a young age and have bowel problems. Her mothers tear their pups apart and eat them. These dogs originally came from JURADO – Jean Wardner’s standard poodles. These standard poodles die young with cancers and many had to be put down because they attacked people and each other. They have eaten each other. These dogs have a vicious temperament. Being dirty she has had dogs die from parvo and untreated infections. When her dogs die she says they are sold.

Since Sue Graham has been getting the other lines of standard poodles from her poodle rescue farce and replacing her dogs with these ones. Sue Graham has reduced these problems.

Sue Graham
Logan Village Qld 4207
Ph: 07 5547 0542
Fax: 07 5547 0543
Prefix: Segram
Poodle Rescue: Standards only
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Re: Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder.

Postby Alan Handcock » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:34 am

RSPCA's Sue Graham (poodle) is the bitch on heat proudly announcing how powerful she is. She sluts around with the rich and powerful especially RSPCA Inspectors while neglecting her own poodles. She doesn't care that her podles are starving and locked up in tin sheds running at horrific temperatures.

Her dogs are full of genetic disease and she is so criminal she takes deposits with out delivering the dogs. Ross Dawson says he gave her $5000 for the save the poodle campaign and she kept the cash and did not ive him a receipt. Beware tall bottle blonds that falsh cleveage, even the old ones full of wrinkles.

her last litter had pups with bits exposed that she had the vet push back together. when they shit their anus pops out and doesn't clean properly. these puppies will bread genetically diseased pups. Pity the poor fools that buy her dogs.

If she would put more attention into the care of her dogs and less in skylarking with the RSPCA management she would be able to get rid of her poodle diseases.
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