The STRATEGY to WIN with this Shonks and Shysters BB/FORUMS

This is the forum where CHILDREN, SPOUSES and ASSOCIATES of PROVEN Australian FRAUDSTERS [colloqually, in Australia, Shonks and Shysters] are named and described and linked to other aspects of their other forums on this Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS

The STRATEGY to WIN with this Shonks and Shysters BB/FORUMS

Postby russellm » Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:54 pm

The STRATEGY to WIN with this Shonks and Shysters BB.

You may need to read this a few times, but do not try to remember it all. Just read it quickly, and look at a few of the links.

If someone has cheated you, they are lowlife, and you know it, even if you cannot prove it. If someone has lied, forged documents and perjured themselves to cheat you, do you think they deserve to get away with that scott free, do you? So what can you do.

Publicity has a very CLEANSING EFFECT. Our BBs will give your case very good publicity. We have been building our Google and Yahoo rankings for two years now, and the rankings have been improving exponentially. As long as a WebSite is indexed by Google Yahoo et al, a specific word search will find it, but, people have to know about it to search on the specific terms. You want NEW people to know what has been done by the CRIMINAL. Just very general terms in Google Yahoo searches, will produce 100's of millions of results. With our very high Google Yahoo rankings, we are 'lucky' enough to be at or near the top of them. That is equivalent to publication in a large circulation Newspaper. People find our sites before they even know they exist. That parasite organization RSPCA in both the UK and Australia, steal and cheat, lie and perjure and use publicity to highlight all the lying and perjury, as though it is the truth and they are so wonderful. They find publicity works for them to portray a dishonest set of circumstances, far differently to the reality. Publicity can work equally in the reverse, to contradict the perjury, forgery and cheating.

Internet Readers and viewers are put off by long articles. So do not include much detail of the incident in which the Shonk or Shyster played a part but rather include the detail of the incident in which the Shonk or Shyster played a part in a SelfHelpJustice BB forum.

GOOGLE IMAGES love pictures with text around them, as they can understand the idea more quickly and easily. As well, Google Images will index Images on our sites as readily as the text. Google indexes the images by the text near to the images. Interesting images bring a great amount of traffic. Many images are returned in the results and people pick the most interesting looking ones. A couple of images that we find are often followed to our sites include police BigA for Antony and RSPCA threat. If you have an interesting image, include it in your posting. Google images will index by the text occurring near it in your posting, again with the High absolute site ranking attributable to our respective sites.

Consider the family of the person who has cheated you. The CRIMINAL CHEAT'S spouse and children have benefited at your expense. As well, it is unlikely they are unaware of what the CRIMINAL CHEAT has done to you. Well, if they are unaware, you should let them know. Name them as well as the criminal cheat, with photographs of everyone named. If you know their address, publish that. Google MAPS will give you the address of all their neighbours. Publish all the addresses.Have a look at a page I composed with use of Google maps. I could have published that on this NetWork of BBs, if it had existed at the time I published. All those 12 addresses were given by Google Maps. If those neighbours do not see them at first, other people will see the addresses and comment on it. Just Google on any one of thoe addresses and you will find that page at the top of the Google search. We have already had two Google searches on two of those specific addresses, come to our WebSite. Try it yourself. Photographs and Google maps and satellite views of the homes of criminals is also a great idea, and looks good.

You can do a similar thing on our Shonks and Shysters BB. I will now refer you to more articles, of a type you can publish on our Self Help Justice FORUMS. My Brother-in-law is a criminal and has made my sister a criminal in joint crimes; insurance fraud, tax fraud [and Australia's Tax Office has been looking at these files recently], and fraud of me. These types of 'articles' can be published, with different parts on each, on both the Self Help Justice FORUM and the Shonks and Shysters BB. Given that the criminals took it upon themselves to cause you grief, I think it is fair play to attack their involvement with any organisation of which they are a part. This is 'shaking their tree'. You will be surprised what will 'shake free'. They will not be able to ignore it. We will in time begin a forum where SUCCESSES CAN BE PUBLICIZED. I have had a few successes already. Click here to see the links to one success, I have had. If I had all of the material to which I link on this Network, all the links in this post would be to other postings on this Network. Google and Yahoo love all these links. It improves the Google Yahoo rankings of the page on which they appear. This is what you need to do to improve the Google Yahoo ranking of your postings. You do not need to do them all onthe first occasion that you write your posting. You can continue to return and EDIT in your links. Google and Yahoo love that too as they see you updating your content repeatedly and they value that.

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